Winterization Guide for caravans, campervans & motorhomes

Winter Storage

Winterization of caravans, campervans & motorhomes

Whether your caravan is stored on a site, in storage or on your driveway, try to ensure you protect it from the damp, cold winter months. Most manufacturers recommend a minimum winter maintenance as follows;

  • Water systems should be shut off and drained with taps left open to guard against frost damage. Toilet cisterns should also be drained.
  • Gas and electric systems should be isolated.
  • Dehumidifying crystals in the van will help keep it dry over the winter period.
  • Internal doors and vents should be left open to allow the free passage of air.
  • Removal of all food stuffs to reduce the risk of rodent damage.
  • Fridge/freezers should be defrosted and left open to allow air flow.

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